Herby Zesty Avocado Dip         

                                             With parsley, mint, lemon & garlic

There is something about avocados that I find devilishly morish – what with their glorious green flesh and creamy texture, I could happily eat them and their ‘good fats’ all day and every day, and I often do. Packed full of nutrients, high in protein and with more potassium than a banana, avocados are a true superfood. In fact, they hold a world record for being ‘The Worlds Healthiest Fruit’ and are the only natural food a human can live on alone - making them your perfect 'desert island' food of choice. And because they are brimming with antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils, they’ll keep your hair shiny and your skin supple - not bad for something you mash up and put on your toast!

This dip is ludicrously simple to make, but is also incredibly versatile: serve it up with a baked salmon fillet for a healthy supper, or whip up a big batch to dip your crisps into for a movie night with friends. I love to have it with poached eggs and mackerel as a luxurious brunch treat or, even better, with Eggs Emma. The most important thing to remember is to choose your avocado well - make sure it's ripe and, ideally, of the HASS variety. 


    • large & ripe hass avocados, 4
    • spring onions, 2-3
    • garlic, 3-4 cloves
    • fresh mint, handful
    • fresh parsley, handful
    • Worchester sauce, splash
    • sweet chilli sauce, dash
    • lemon zest & juice, ½ unwaxed
    • salt & pepper


    Finely chop up your herbs, garlic and spring onions, then scoop out your avocados flesh into the bowl. Grate over the zest of your lemon and then squeeze in the juice. Add in a healthy splash of Worchester sauce. Mush it all together (I like to keep it chunky). Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

    Originally published here on The Hungry Romantic blog, September 2014.