I've always been a doodler. From 'adorning' the walls of my parents' newly decorated kitchen as a child, to my still incessant desire to sketch voluptuous (and most often naked!) ladies on anything and everything, a pen in my hand is a dangerous thing. This same compulsion extends to my writing - like an itch, I have a constant need to scribble things down. Be it rambling diary entries, recipes or optimistic to-do lists, I have this insatiable urge to document thoughts and things – hoarding them on paper. 

Lucky then that I've found myself in a career that requires me not only to spend my days writing and often illustrating, but also creating recipes, cooking and eating - three things that, growing up alongside a food-loving Mummy in the kitchen, I've spent a childhood practicing. My current role as Food Editor for the Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine means I get to do all these things on a daily basis and I spend my free time nurturing my alter-ego The Hungry Romantic (primarily through Instagram and Twitter). I'm also available for freelance work and have written for various publications – both print and online – such as Stylist magazineSUITCASELiving NorthScottish Field and Freunde von Freunden

If you'd like to commission work or discuss collaborating, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].  I'd love to hear from you.

Emma x